Janessa & Kevin

Before arriving to the salon where the bridal party was getting their hair and makeup done, I hadn’t seen Janessa in years. We went to high school together, and I was so excited she asked me to make her movie!

Janessa has the best smile I have ever seen. She made it so easy to capture incredible close ups. My favorite shot here was a side angle of Janessa as she was getting her makeup done, and a slow pan to show her mother watching closely, admiring her daughter, as she became a bride right before her eyes.

After the ceremony we were able to catch the beginning of the golden hour, which is when the sun begins to set, casting the perfect amount of yellow light on the bridal party, draped in purple throws. The colors couldn’t have been more ideal, and enabled me to capture the perfect shots with Kevin and Janessa holding hands, walking towards the sunset.

During the reception, I quickly picked up the closeness of their families: I have never shot a wedding with so many people slow dancing on the floor all at once. Love truly filled every corner of that room.



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