Amber & Zach

When we first got to the venue, we were given the warmest welcome from Zach and his father. After a quick tour of Armstrong Valley Winery, we couldn’t wait to get our cameras out and start shooting; it didn’t take long to find the best spots to place Amber and Zach.

Fraimeworks will typically ask every couple to read letters, or vows they have written for each other for the camera to integrate into their movie. While editing, we decided to piece them together, as if they were telling one story together; the story of them. Their vows pieced together almost perfectly, and I’m sure they didn’t even try it! Pure movie magic!

Side note: Amber and Zach took a massive win in our books for having the best food out of all our weddings that summer.  Pulled pork sandwiches, followed by a chocolate cupcake that makes you wonder why you ever bothered with any dessert in your entire life.

Our favorite shots were capturing Amber’s bridesmaids lace up her dress, and following Zach and Amber walking through the vineyards. Their glow stick sendoff was unique and fun, and made for a perfect ending to a perfect day.



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