Bridget & Greg

I got to know Bridget when we worked together as TV news reporters, covering central Pennsylvania. I always admired her patience, kindness, and ability to always crack a smile, no matter how tough her assignment was.

I was honored when she asked me to shoot her wedding; I knew it would be beautiful.

We woke up to rain that morning. Clouds hung heavy in the sky as my partner and I shot exteriors. When we entered the bridal suite, the throwback jams were on loud, and the laughter was even louder. Despite the rain, Bridget’s bridal party was filling the room with warm, welcoming, excited energy.

Since the rain didn’t let up, we had to move everything indoors. As she does every single day, Bridget didn’t let the gloom, rain on her parade. A few whiskey shots later, it felt like a party again, and nobody had even said ‘I do’ yet!

After the ceremony it was picture time, which required dashing into the groomsmen’s trucks, and trying to stay dry as we made our way to the barn. Looking back on the footage you’d have no idea it was FREEZING and damp. Their maroon and navy color scheme looked stunning against the brown barn doors.

I’d have to say my favorite moment in this wedding, which also is my best shot, was following behind Bridget and Greg as they made their entrance into the reception. It was like shooting two celebrities wave hello to their fans as they waved ‘Terrible Towels’ over their heads.

Man, I love Pennsylvania weddings.



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